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Shared values

We are looking for new team members that share our values. We look forward to meeting and growing with you.


  • Housekeeping Staff

    We are looking for people who can perform hotel cleaning duties (guest room cleaning, bed making, equipment setting, dusting, etc.) and inspection duties after cleaning is completed. This is a position with a high degree of freedom in terms of working hours, working days, and working patterns, so you can work in a way that suits your lifestyle. The work environment is easy to work in, even for inexperienced workers, as the manual is well-prepared.

  • Front Desk/Hotel Manager

    We are looking for a hotel manager. This is a creative position where you can not only handle guest relations, but also devise new projects. We are looking for talent that embodies our Local Design spirit.

  • Director

    We are looking for a director. This is a job that is not bound by frameworks. You will plan new projects, create advertising materials, plan events as well as perform other duties. This position offers a unique environment where you can interact closely not only with clients but also with hotel guests.

  • Real Estate/Consulting

    We are looking for people who can handle general real estate operations such as real estate development, buying and selling, management, and asset management consulting. This is an important job where you will be dealing with clients' valuable assets and becoming lifelong partners, so we are looking for professionals with industry experience and a proven track record.

Why Work with Us

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Thank you for viewing our recruitment information. Our company is a team of people from a variety of backgrounds. We are looking for people with dreams, people that aren't bound to one kind of thinking, and people with a challengers' spirit. Let's create a new world together.

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