Intellectual Property Intellectual Property

Providing quality work in this highly specialized field

At Local Design International Patent Office, we carefully respond to each and every complex and diverse request of our clients.

In addition to acquiring intellectual property rights (patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, etc.), we also work as a partner for clients to ensure that their valuable technologies, designs, brands, etc. are securely protected and utilized, including the discovery and utilization of such rights.

Comprehensive Solutions

At our firm, we not only consult with our clients regarding intellectual property, but also provide comprehensive proposals including brand strategy and sales strategy. Because we can understand similar cases and the situation of our competitors, we are able to plan content and, depending on the situation, collaborate with group companies and partner companies to provide more optimal and durable solutions.

  • Trademark registration of corporate logo, unification of website and advertising materials, branding
  • Sales tools, packaging planning and design
  • Conducting market research
  • Trial testing and monitoring using channels of group companies and partner companies

We offer free consultations

We offer free first consultations regarding intellectual property. (Advance reservation required)
Even if you don't end up going with us, the first consultation is still free.

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